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Commissioned books can be anything from a rebinding of a favourite book, to creating a book from scratch.

A very popular  commission is the “Anniversary Book”, this is  created by using pages written on or decorated by friends of recipient, which are then collated and bound in one volume. This is usually a secret affair, the presentation of the book at a special event.

Whether you would like a collection of your own poems  printed and bound in a limited ediition of just a few or many dozens, Paul will be happy to advise.

Alongside are a few of the type of editions that are possible, from simple pamphlet bound cook books with hand marbled covers to  photographic flowers books handbound in  raw silk covers, to a grandfather’s poems about his family bound for a major birthday, almost anything is possible.

The choice of  size , paper , font, colour style of binding will be discussed in order to make the book a very special an individual binding.